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  • Kinger Luck flowers
  • Kinger Luck flowers
Kinger Luck flowersKinger Luck flowersKinger Luck flowers
Thank you very much for your support in past year, In 2020, We will continue to accompay with you in our honesy and excellent service. In the new year,wish you have health, wealth and luck as usual.

Please kindly noted that our Chinese new year holiday is form 22th,Jan to 2nd,Feb,2020. and 3rd, Jan,2020 will be open to work. 

During this period, welcome to send us your inquiry as well.

Our team does always standby for you.


Contact: Ms.Chow

Phone: +86(0)13822333514,+86(0)18202083517

Tel: +86-020-86017877

Email: info@kingertools.com

Add: 3 floor 307 at Guang Hua Road Pingsha International Plaza,Baiyun District of Guangzhou City, Guangdong China

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